Trainer for e-racing (mywhoosh, zwift)

Mywhoosh apparently uses the power directly from the trainer and may have limited compatibility. What are the best trainers to use for racing on there? Is that the same trainer for racing on zwift?

Here are mywhoosh’s rules if anyone is curious:


Aside from other issues that we probably don’t want to get into, this is just a non-starter for me:

2.5.8 Riders shall compete clothed in cycling shorts and a cycling jersey.

Are any of you riding the trainer in full kit? Just bibs or bibs and sweatbands are my go to on the trainer.


I saw that too and am not a fan of it, since I ride in shorts or bibs only. It’s about maximum cooling via direct access of wind to my skin and I have done enough with a jersey on inside to know it’s not as effective for cooling for me.

I get it to a point, since there is at least some level of people on video which means using a basic top is appropriate for broad viewing. If I chose to do this or any other indoor event with this requirement, I’d just use my best vented jersey for starters.

I’d also consider dripping cold water onto the jersey to make use of the fabric retention. I have done that a few times when I was riding inside and my AC couldn’t keep the room cold enough. I used a mesh base layer in that case, but pouring cold water from a bottle right onto my upper back, lower back and sleeves was a real aid in cooling and even RPE.

All that said, I’d aim to optimize with a jersey if I had to use one. There’s even the option of using cold packs like some companies offer, which may be a less messy way to get some extra cooling despite the fabric vs my water method.


Sportswashing issues aside, mywhoosh has fairly extreme (but IMO useful) measures to make sure people aren’t cheating, and more importantly, crazy $$$ payouts for races! you just have to jump through hoops, and it’s not clear to me what trainer is most likely to have the highest/most accurate power measurements (that is also allowed by them). Very little talk of all this online and TBH I don’t know why more people aren’t going after some of these prizes.

I took a look at the list:


Considering this is “recommended” it may not be a complete list of what is “permitted”, but I couldn’t find a more concrete answer to that. But I think it’s an even playing ground between the 3 trainers listed in terms of accuracy and such.

Because it is almost impossible to beat the top dogs. If you cannot do a 6wkg 20 mins your chances are limited. With money all those silly games stop and big performances show up. A couple of people I know from Zwift are already there. I will move too but not with high hopes.

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There are lower cats too though right?

You’re asking us?

I had the impression it was a top level only deal, but I never bothered to dig deep. I’d suggest you do that digging to know for sure if you even have a chance before sweating equipment and setup details.

There are multiple categories, and the prize money goes very deep. I’m just fishing for general info or experience but I guess nobody here dabbles.

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