My stay at home holiday challenge

I was on holiday this week and needed to set myself a challenge. I decided I would replicate the Festive 500. I live in the UK so don’t do that in the winter. I also decided I would use FulGaz and find different routes to make it more interesting. The plan was to do 500km in 7 days, but it would be 6 days of riding. I had also never done 5 days in the saddle back to back. It was my own stage race (well maybe not a race). A bit like spoke @Jonathan about on the podcast.

I did the Kona Ironman course as the big day and then knocked off the rest over 6 days. Kudos to those who do the swim and run as well :slight_smile: .

It did give me a chance to practice my nutrition. That seemed fine. From a Trainerroad point of view I was shocked about how well my legs felt. I think my muscular endurance has improved. I would always slow a lot after about 60 miles of a Gran Fondo. At the start of each day I was not concerned that my legs wouldn’t make it. I was a bit sore in other places but that will get better. My TSS for the week was 971 over the 7 days. That is very high for me as I normally do low volume.

I was happy that even at the end of rides my cadence was high and I wasn’t grinding the gears. I actually feel pretty good. My legs are ok, but other places are a bit sore. The planned recovery week, next week, might be off the bike :slight_smile:. I will do a bit of yoga.

These were the rides


That is an awesome achievement mate - well done. :+1:

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Great job. Sounds like fun and seems to have been a very rewarding experience.

I think one of the greatest things about this era of indoor cycling is the variety of events that you can do to keep things fun and fresh. I great that not all apps/platforms are cookie cutter variations of the same thing and that several of them have a wide variety of challenges and experiences. You can really put together some pretty engaging workouts/rides/games if you are feeling creative.

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