My Ramp Test Turns into a Climb Test

I’ve been using TR for years, and have done the Ramp test a handful of times. I always start the Ramp test at 90-95 rpms, but whenever I get into big watts (>300w), it becomes a bit of a struggle, and my rpms drop as I basically begin simulating a climb for my last 5 minutes. High rpm’s naturally feel great to me, but I just can’t keep it at 85-90 rpms when I’m at 115% of my FTP.

Does climbing (or churning low RPMs) so much at the end create a flawed Ramp? Also, climbing is my strength, so I wonder if I am inflating my numbers. Do I pull the plug when my rpm’s drop below 75?

(I’m 166lbs, 3.4 WPK, Cat 4 Racer, with an FTP of 270)


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It’s going to get harder as it progresses and you’re going to be pushing a bigger gear. As long as you can hold the power it doesn’t matter. Don’t stop until you CAN’T hold the power anymore, it’s not about what your cadence is, it’s about power.

The ramp test I think is more often than not looked at as a mark of achievement. It is not. It is a test to see how you have progressed and where your levels should be to help you progress more. You may be pushing a hard gear at a low cadence now but the new FTP will help your “updated” training plan hold a higher rpm at a higher power.

Keep working and grinding :muscle:


My numbers are very similar to yours, and I have had the identical experience on the ramp test… It’s totally normal. @RoadMilitia82 pretty much nailed it. Just keep grinding until you fail. Whatever it looks like. Just stay seated.

After my first couple test’s I was able to understand the process better. So, now I make sure I’m ready for it. Mindset is key! Here’s my pre ramp test “protocol” (I use the word loosely):

  • I plan for my ramp test the week leading to it. Coming off a challenging training block, I’ll ride several days endurance pace to begin resting my body, muscles, and mind

  • I hydrate and fuel the days before in prep for the test. I have come into the test underprepared from a a nutrition standpoint, and results suffer. I like to do the ramp test in the morning, so I focus on the afternoon and night before with nutrition and complex carb rich food (not too close to bed). Then I get up and eat a carb dense breakfast 2 hours prior to test and slam a gel 15-20 minutes before getting on the bike.

  • I make sure I take the necessary steps to get a good, restful, nights sleep. This is a huge part for me, and can’t be stressed enough. Give your evening meal time to digest (I like to eat at least 2 hours before going to bed). I do things like crack open the window for fresh, cool air. Fan on low, Sip an herbal tea (small cup as not to need to get up for bathroom in the middle of the night). Limit or exclude screen time 30 minutes prior to desired sleep time. I will read a real book for a short bit.

  • If I’ve done these things to the best of my ability, I feel mentally ready to give it my best. I am confident I left nothing to chance.

  • Finally, the most crucial step… I GUT MYSELF on the bike! Literally explore the depth of my soul to find new levels of power and pain. Truly go to the farthest level of failure I can conjure up…

Maybe a bit dramatic, but I need it.

Anyway, this is just how I plan for the test and I am still trying to “perfect” it. Maybe you can find something in here that helps. Hope so… Best success!!