My Haruna Hill climb improvments Udate with Mt Fuji hill climb

Shortly after I moved to Japan I met some friends and they told me about this fun hill climb race, Haruna Hill climb race, its a mass start up hill TT. The first time I did the race I had know Idea what to expect as I am an adult onset bicycle enthusiast. I only started riding shortly before moving to Japan from Eastern North Carolina.
My first attempted my goal was to make it to the top and not die. my time on the climb was 1:19:10 on the full climb that is 14.66 km with 917m elevation gain at an average of 6.3%, towards the end it pitches up to near 20%.
My second attempt after a year and a half of TR I reduced my time to 1:02:51. the race for last year was canceled. My A race is still to come it is MT Fuji climb up the Subaru line to station 5.

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I Just did the MT Fuji-san Hill climb and this is what a year and a half of training got me to I took almost 30 min out of mi time up the hill
first time
second time
and my TR