Hill Climb Time Trial

We’ve got a local TT series here and the next race is a Hill Climb, strava segment link below, 4.1 miles, 1,300 feet elevation.

My best time so far is 23:47, back at the beginning of March. FTP 220, rider weight 155lbs, Giant TCR SL, yes I have a power meter on the bike.


While its tough to see on the Strava elevation chart the climb is really in 3 segments: bottom 1/3 is moderate, 1 mile steep in the middle, and the last 2 miles is flatter, except the last 1/4 mile which ticks up steeper. What pacing tips and strategies can you offer for the best performance? THANKS!

Go hard, then when it gets steeper go harder :sweat_smile:

In all seriousness, check out www.bestbikesplit.com

Great site for giving you pacing tips. Iirc the last time I paced an uphill tt on there it had me going a good bit harder on the steeper sections then backing off a bit on the flatter.

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Here is my data. BBS says 29:00. Ive done it in 23.45. I must have input some data incorrectly?


It won’t let me go to that for some reason, just pushed me back to my dashboard… But, that seems a little strange. For me it was a shorter tt, but it was about a minute slower than my eventual time, 16 vs 17 minutes. In any case, it could give you a good idea of what segments to take harder, which ones to take easier.

Updated link. Apologies.

Don’t start off too hard would be my overriding message!!

Assuming a 20min climb (ish), I would settle in to high sweetspot/low FTP on the initial 1/3, attempt to ride around FTP for the middle steep section, back to sweetspot/low FTP for the flatter top (maintaining a low aero profile on the bike), before the final steep section at VO2 max.

My guess is, the last section will be where the vast majority of riders lose time. You’re reasonably light and could gain a bit of time here if you keep a bit back and put in a solid effort.

Depending on your training I think you should be able to sustain between 100-105% ftp, or even higher for a sub 25 minute ride. Being a short time trial, and as BBS corroborates, there isn’t much min/maxing to do on your pacing strategy. Just set your average sustainable watts for the duration and hit it. If you’ve got a little more juice towards the end fire it up for 1-3 minutes.

Biggest pointer I have is don’t let your watts drop on the flatter section. So many people lose massive amounts of time because they let up even just a little bit.

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Thanks for the tips, everyone! I’m hoping to at least beat my PR.