Music Streaming on Trainer Road

Hi Everyone,

Just got back to TR after a couple of months out.

Is there any plan to have a music streaming supported on TR?


Can’t you use any background app or a web browser to do this?


No inside info, but I expect that music integration is VERY unlikely.

  • TR has a strong stance: “We let you bring the entertainment”

I don’t see them working with any external service. It’s best to figure out your own app and device combo to suit your preferences. There are many ways to do it and it all varies a ton based on the devices and apps you have at your disposal.


Do one thing and do it well. Plenty of streaming services out there already. Not really close to TR core offer.

You you not just use Spotify?

I don’t even understand why this is needed


Agree–and the cost of licensing all of that content makes this seem even more unnecessary.