Control Apple Music (Spotify) from TR iOS app

Hi TrainerRoad,

Please consider adding music controls (Apple/Spotify) to your iOS app. Thank you very much.


Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to share your feature request! Unfortunately, this is not a feature that we will be able to integrate in the near future since we have a few major projects that we are working on right now. With limited development resources, we have to pick and choose the projects that we take on, and our main focus is to create features and functionality that will make our users faster.

May I ask why full integration would work better than swiping up the bottom of the screen and controlling your music from the Control Center as shown below?


Hi Bryce,

Thank you for your detailed reply. I understand how busy you are, and fully appreciate the product and improvements. In the past several years you went from a neat app to a gold standard of cycling training. That is something to admire.

At the risk of appearing feeling entitled to your work, which I am not, I will just clarify my suggestion. You might have used google maps or Waze for navigation, and noticed how music controls are accessible without leaving the main screen. This is what I was suggesting to implement in the TR app. It won’t make me faster, but it will make the process marginally more convenient.

Thank you very much.

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Their primary motivator for doing so is not for your convenience but rather to gather more data about their users, profiling, to provided targeted advertising. It’s sad, but true.

And thank you for your polite and well thought out reply! We’ll keep the idea in mind for the future as resources free up :slight_smile:

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It’s easy to sync Spotify music to iOS apps with a Spotify Music Converter. I got the tool to downlaod Spotify MP3 files so I can control the songs on any apps. And also, I cna play them offline anytime.

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