Musette bag recommendations

I ride by produce stands and looking for recommendations on a musette bag suitable for carrying heirloom tomatoes. We are addicted to capresse salad and no reason to drive out when I’m rolling by on my bike about 40 minutes from home.

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I’ve used one of those little drawstring backpack bags that stuffs easily into my pocket when empty, and can carry a small amount of produce or whatever as a backpack. I prefer a backpack to a musette bag, especially for a ride as long as 40 min.

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Last 40 minutes of a 2 or 3 or 4 hour ride, so I don’t want a backpack. Prefer something with a zipper as I don’t want $4/pound tomatoes falling out. We are only growing little cherry tomatoes this year, and of course the ever so important basil to make it a caprese salad (I’ve got an olive tree, but haven’t tried pressing olive oil lol).

My youngest could sew one, although she lives in Reno but her sewing machine is here.

Some quick googing while eating lunch…

This looks interesting:

with zipper and “chest strap provides ultimate stability even when you’re sprinting out of the saddle.”

Seems like the right design, and reasonably priced.

Over at this one has a zipper, but no chest strap to keep the tomatoes from interfering with the town line sprint:

I’m not sure why you’re against a small little drawstring backpack like this:

They’re small to fit in a pocket until you need it, and will be very stable for the 40 min when riding. The only way a musette bag is going to be stable is if you have that chest strap like in the first one you linked from Post Carry, and while they say it’s small to fit in a pocket, I’m not sure how small it really packs. They don’t have an image of it packed up.
But, you do you. :slight_smile:


Oh those, I probably have one here from an event or two! Thank you!

Your earlier post on my phone rendered with “backpack bags …” as the start of the 2nd line and I missed the word “drawstring” :joy: So my mind got stuck on my Camelbak 14er that I used for bike commuting in the past.

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Ah, glad I clarified.
Yeah, a big backpack type of thing is a PITA. The little drawstring bag can come in super handy sometimes.

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I have a string backpack like that and a real cycling musette. They both fold/roll up to the same size and easily fit in a jersey pocket but the string pack is easier to ride with when you’re carrying something.

Yes, this is what I use for doughnut rides :yum:

I shall call it “musette vert” and if it’s a hot day “musette de fried green tomatoes” :joy:


If you decide you don’t like the drawstring option, I have a mussette bag that came with my Canyon that I never use for anything. Hit me up and I’ll send it out.

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I have one of these (maybe a smaller version that came direct from the maker). It fits in my small wallet and is always there. They also have a backpack.

It’s perfect in the Alps for grabbing a few croissants at the end of a ride :grin:
I’ll take some pictures later of it packed down and compare it with the Restrap race musette. Realise these are both UK companies…

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Nerding out here.

My prototype Albion (29cm x 20cm, the one you can buy now is (I think) 33cm x 25cm) and the Restrap race. Use them both all the time. Albion fits in a wallet and the restrap goes in a bag or pannier but could easily go in a jersey pocket.

Restrap - thicker, adjustable strap, no stability strap. 72g
Albion - tiny, stability strap but non-adjustable strap. 18g

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