How to carry powder mix on rides?

I’ve been fueling better this year on long rides, getting to 90-100g of carbs per hour, and consistent electrolyte intake.

Instead of carrying all the bottles I need for a 4+ hour ride, I’m starting to bring just the powder.

I’m using ziplock plastic bags for now, but I’m curious - what kinds of containers are y’all carrying your powder mixes in, and where are you putting them on the bike?


Got a handlebar bag. Will never go back. Such a God send on 4+ hour rides. I have custom sized zip locks which fit 70g of carbs + Sodium Citrate + flavouring. I supplement with 1 get per hr if the ride warrants it, or stay at 70g if it’s more chill. I put the 2 small zip locks into a sandwich sized zip lock (on the off chance there’s any spillage or they get sticky). Once used I put the smaller ones back in the bigger and stuff it in my pocket.

FYI, In my small handlebar bag I fit.

  • Multi-tool w/ chain breaker
  • 4 gels
  • 2 zip locks of carb powder
  • Sunblock
  • Extra electrolytes
  • Lens cloth for lens and Garmin
  • House key
  • 4x6" microfibre towel to wipe sweat
  • 2 Airpod cases (for rides over 3.5 hours).

Zip lock bags. Here are two 90g bags next to a Cliff Bar:

4 hour ride I’ll have two 28oz / 795ml bottles on the bike and 2 bags in my jersey or bib pockets for the water refill. Tried top bar feed bag but knees often bump into it while standing or sprinting.


I use these small ziplock bags that are about the size and shape of a cell phone and open on the short side. super easy to portion with them and pour into a bottle mid ride and fits in my jersey pockets.


Baby formula holders work pretty well if you want to avoid single use plastics.

LADISO Baby Formula Dispenser, Formula Container, Portable Milk Powder Dispenser Container, Baby Feeding Travel Storage Container, Non-Spill Stackable Baby Snack Storage Container, BPA Free, 2 Packs

Can put these in bike jersey pocket.


:rofl: and there I was thinking I was the only Sunday morning drug mule :rofl:

Zip Locks are a no brainier. I rinse mine and reuse.


I certainly prefer the idea of having packets of powder in my back pocket rather than having keys or tools.

I need to get more practice at the mid ride stop and buying water for the pour and shake!

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I use these: Popsicle Bags, 100 Pack Ice Pop Mold Bags-comes With Silicone Funnel | Fruugo CZ

Amazon have similar. I can fit 40-50g of powder in each and just reuse them.

Edit: I don’t buy them by the 100s! :rofl: DM (German toiletries chain…imagine Walgreens or CVS in NA) has them in packs of 20.


I found zip locks a bit messy when trying to do them outside. In the past, I’ve re-used electrolyte/ vitamin C tablet tubes. The tubes are easy to fit in the neck of the bottle, and can go in the recycling bin when done. I haven’t tried with my current ratio though (I have a longer event coming up that I must try again!).


I use these. Since they open on the small end, they are easy to dump the contents into a bottle without getting powder everywhere. There’s lots of different sizes but this seems to hold about 200 cal of Tailwind with enough left over to fold the top over just incase the zip top opens.

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Those skinny ziplocks look great. I’m going to have to pick up some of those.

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I was looking for something that fit nicely into the mouth of a water bottle. Also those ones are heavy duty. Not flimsy at all. I realise them a bunch to save on wasting plastics.

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Yeah, this is what I do. Fit easily into my jersey pocket below my hydro pack if I’m running one as well.


I use waterproof dry bags with a 50g scoop inside. Less messy than ziplock and I can use scoop for amount I need.

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I have two bottles on my bike. One bottle with concentrated carbs up to 300 g/L, one with water. Depending on how long I go I have concentrated carb solutions in soft flasks in my jersey pockets. I only carry additional powder when going > 6 hours and fuelling 100 g/h. I don’t like ziplocks. I have small plastic bottles where I get about 200g in. Tape these to the bike or if enough room into the pockets. Easier to handle. Here we have fountains with drinking water everywhere. However, in winter it’s more difficult. For longer rides I carry a camelbak style vest (for water). Concentrated carbs into winter bottles and soft flasks.


I do this as well. So far I’ve been able to get 350g in a 750ml bottle for a strong 4h group ride.
Though preparation is done in a larger container for convenience. This then leaves me a second bottle for water which I refill 2-3 times during the ride.

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The plastic tubes that mini m&Ms come in are pretty good, too. I was worried that the lids wouldn’t be secured enough but no spills so far.

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I ordered some Flow Formulas sample tubes. They come in pretty convenient plastic tubes that work great. Honestly they were the best part of their mix. They are reusable and worth the $3 samples.

Edit: just looked at their site and they now sell them as “individual race tubes”


I recently started using empty medicine bottles with threaded caps. Wide enough mouth to fill easily, small enough mouth to dump contents into my bottle without spilling.

I carried two medicine bottles with 100g each to refill my bottles on a 4.5 hour century recently and I was much happier with that than subjecting myself to whatever mix was at the aid stations.

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I’m curious, any concerns about spilling the powder? I know most medicine bottles have locking caps, but I wasn’t sure if the locks would prevent powder from spilling out…