MTB XC Training Plans and suggestions

Hey everyone!
I recently started using TR and just completed SSLV1 and started LV2 this week… starting late in the year I know I’m not going to peak for any races…
The races I plan on entering is part of the gone riding FSC race here in Florida. It’s a 9 race series one race per week from September to December… I’m not planning to perform well this year but hoping next year to do much better. This isn’t my first time participating in this race series.

My question is that I’m not sure what this series really consists of to conform to the type of plan to train in… I’m torn between General build and XC Marathon or Short Power build and XC Olympic. Not sure what would be best to focus on for 2020 FSC.

Suggestions are welcomed.

Do General Build then XCO Specialty. If you’re gonna be in the front group and dictating the pace (fighting for the win) I’d recommend Short Power Build instead.

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I’m not sure but these races start off fast usually 1-2 laps… 6-9 miles per lap seeing it’s here in Florida there isn’t much climbing but it is fast paced… my strategy is usually fun it off the start and create a gap to where I can recover here and there… I try to keep up with the top three… the races start here next month I know I’m not ready to give it my all this year but hopefully next year I’ll be better suited for it… looking to keep gaining the experience and building strength from here till September 2020.

I did General Build this year (Sport/Cat 2) and won my first 4 races and took 2nd in my fifth race. I won my series and am moving up to Expert/Cat 1 for the remainder of the series (they only use your top 5 races for my series). I thought General Build prepared me well.

You can see my starts and races here:


Gone riding uses top 7 races. Your doing MTB correct ?

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The link didn’t show till after you posted…

Yeah, I quick edited it and added the link.

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And what Base did you do? MV - HV?

I did SSB MV in previous 2 years. I’m doing SSB HV this year.

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@MI-XC and how does it goes?

so far so good, but only in week 3