MTB POV YouTube Videos/Recommendations

Love that trail. I’m in awe of you being able to ride that drop in. You make it look easy :muscle:. I stop at the ledge on the right each time and say no way to the rest of it.

Funny - I just finished watching one of your videos on the trainer this afternoon! The only thing I could think of is maybe some occasional text commentary. Great stuff! (Especially as we are supposed to get 2 feet of snow in MN, seeing evidence of warmer weather is nice…)

There is another XC-ish channel out there, “knob bro” that does something sort of unique where he “watches” the race and provides insight into what he was thinking at various moments. Knob Bro - YouTube


This is a GREAT topic! Thanks for getting it started. I’m a dedicated TrainerRoad user and absolutely RELY on good MTB POV during my trainer rides. Keeps my mind focused on the work.

My suggestions: 1st is my buddy TrailSage! I’m actually in most of these videos (the tall/lanky friend) so you can see my TR fitness in action :slight_smile: It’s a good channel for east coast jank! High production value too.

Here’s a good one to get started (can you believe New Jersey has rocks like this!?) Big slabs, drops and dope tech lines at Ringwood State Park – Just Ride Ep. 22 - YouTube

I also love watching these guys absolutely rip the “North Shore” and some of the awesome trails in the Pacific Northwest:
Dangerous Dave: Dangerous Dave - YouTube
Dale Stone: Dale Stone - YouTube
VanCan: VanCan - YouTube
Nate Hills (already mentioned here but he’s awesome): Nate Hills - YouTube
Jordan Boostmaster: Jordan Boostmaster - YouTube
Remy Metailler (everyone knows him already, right? Remy is the man. Also has a “raw” channel that’s just POV riding which is great for the trainer: Rémy Métailler - YouTube

Volume down, music up! Hope these recommendations make your trainer time a little more fun. Support TrailSage. He’s a good dude and it’s good mtbing content!

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I have a buddy who makes POV videos that I really enjoy. He’s not making a living off his biking, but he’s a videographer by trade so everything looks really good. I used to watch Nate Hills all the time, but I feel like the quality in his videos has gone down (I don’t mean the riding - I mean the technical quality)

Remy’s RAW channel is also a favorite of mine.

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Was just coming here to recommend this!

I like that he’s skilled, but not a full time borderline pro. I’ve ridden some of the same things he has, and he’s better than I am, but I appreciate seeing him be apprehensive on things that don’t actually look that big on YT but are massive IRL. It makes his videos interesting but still relatable.

Specifically, this element: Is Galbraith Home to the Best FreeRide MTB Trails? | Galbraith Mountain - Bellingham, Washington - YouTube

On video, that just doesn’t look as much as I remember it being. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Surprised nobody has mentioned Kilian Bron. His MegaAvalanche, Mountain of Hell are some of the best.

Here is another favorite:

I was going to post this one in the original post but stuck to the XC stuff.

Crazy, crazy stuff. Love some of the lines. I prefer watching these on the big screen inside :rofl:. Then I do the XC type pov on the trainer.