EF video for Lachlan Morton's Kokopelli Trail record

They’ve really produced some spectacular videos based on his efforts. Seems like he is single handedly keeping their sponsor’s name in the news right now.


Agree that Lachlan‘s actions have been great to watch, he’s quite an inspiration and good lad. But I’ve found that kokopelli vid rather underwhelming. Didn’t really convey what a massive achievement that was.

Also re who keeps EF in the news, Alex Howes riding 200mi all across Colorado was a great watch as well, the vid benefitted from him towing a journalist along.

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I agree that it’s not as good as the GBDuro video, but given the current times, I’ll cut them some slack for not being able to get all the footage they would have liked :wink:

Which vid was that one?

DYI Kanza :sweat_smile:


Oh cool, thanks :+1:.

I’m really enjoying all the EF videos as well. I wonder if other pro teams allow their riders to do ‘alternative’ events. It’s clear those boys just love riding their bikes!