Moving to Phoenix! Hoping to get into the cycling community there

Hey gang, my family and are moving to Phoenix, AZ in a few months. I realize there isn’t much of a racing scene there in the summer but, I know there are early morning group rides. And, of course, early morning trainerroad sessions as usual.

Anyone from down there know much about the scene? Group rides?

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I live near downtown Phoenix, though I don’t ride on the road at all so my knowledge is a bit limited. Where in the city are you going to live? I can provide a few places to start.

Some that I do/have done:


  1. Tuesday Gainey at 5:30am from Gainey Village Health club (meeting now at the corner of Scottsdale Road and Double Tree Ranch Road. Pretty much an hour of power, fast but, people take too many risks. Beware.
  2. LTF (Life Time Fitness) Tuesday ride at 5:30am from LTF N. Scottsdale just off Mayo Road. This is a fast hour of power. Smaller and safer than Gainey due to the riders and route.
  3. West Valley Tuesday Night crit practice at 6:30pm for beginners and 7:00pm for faster riders. Off the I-10 and Litchfield Road southeast of Rudy’ restaurant. I’ve not done this but, I know the guy who started it. It’s pretty small but, super friendly and chill.
  4. Exhale Bikes Tuesday night loops at 7:00pm near 43rd Ave and Bell Road. Exhale Bikes has all the details and is a great shop near 27th Ave and I-17. Hour of power/crit style with complementary food, beer, recovery drinks after the ride provided by Nate who owns the shop. Super chill group. Not very fast but, a good workout and good people.


  1. Cyclologic Wednesday night ride from their shop located in N. Scottsdale at 7:00pm. Paraic is the owner of the shop and has an amazing fit studio and works with Trek Segafredo. The ride is 1:30 maybe 2 hours and mostly very novice older riders but, all cool. The route heads down around Mummy Mountain so the house viewing is always a nice distraction. I’ve only done this once. Just not my cup of tea…


  1. Gainey Thursday at 5:30am same location as above but different route. Very fast and safer than the Tuesday ride. Highly recommend. It’s an hour or so in duration.


  1. There is a ride that leave Tempe early in the morning but, I forget the time. It’s a faster pace and last about an hour to an hour and a half. Sorry not more detail. I don’t do it much. But it’s there.


  1. BOS from Scottsdale and Shea. Times vary throughout the year but generally it starts with the sun. Fast and racy. Plan on a couple hours or more depending if a group heads down to Bartlett. 2 regroup points.
  2. Bicycle Ranch from there shop in North Scottsdale. They have a website you can get the info from as times vary throughout the year like BOS. ABC ride. Plan on a couple hours and they have bagels/coffee after the ride at the shop. The owner is Markus. Super great guy!
  3. West Valley is an ABC ride out west from the Life Time Fitness off Bullard and I-10. Times vary throughout the year. 60-70 miles of punchy riding. They regroup a couple time. Good group with lots of friendly peeps. The A ride has a number of sprint points which makes it interesting if you’re into that. They have a websight: for more info.


  1. Regroup Coffee ride. Regroup is a shop in Scottsdale so check them out. Good group and speeds vary.

  2. Bicycle Haus Sunday ride. Right now they are going from 6am to the top of SOMO and back. Kayle is the owner and again super nice and supports racing/touring/everything in between so maybe just inquire at the shop. They have a Friday super chill morning ride too. Never done it but, a lot of friends do.

  3. Around The Mountain leaves from Landis on the corner of Warner and Rural. I never know what time they leave as times again vary through out the year. Fun faster group more racer types.

  4. Shadetree Bikes Sunday ride from the shop near CaveCreek Road and Sweetwater. ABC ride and times vary so check their FaceBook page for times. The route is very twisty and punchy for the first part then it motors the 2nd half or so. Great group and the owners Dave and Kevin ride it every week. Tons of food/drink provided after the ride. Usually about 40 miles or 1:30-1:45.

  5. Velo Bikes SUnday ride from their shop downtown PHX. Check at the shop for times. Usually they ride up SOMO and back but, once a month they do the pistol loop up north which is a little punchier and sprint oriented. Great group with donuts after and they have their own coffee house so plenty of food/drinks available apres ride.

There are more rides but, that’s the ones I do from time to time. Just have to ask peeps and shops when in town to figure out more.


Wow! Thanks! That’s quite a list! I really appreciate it!

I know this isn’t exactly what you asked, but the city of Tucson – just over an hour away – has some of the most unbelievable road and mountain biking anywhere in the country.

I take a riding vacation there every year – it’s amazing.