Cycling groups in houston?

Just moved to Houston for a 3 month clinical rotation, any cycling groups around the heights area? If so, do they allow tri bikes? I could only bring one bike with me :confused:

Ask the local bike shops, I’m pretty sure they have regular group rides

Our local site for ride listings is: Login - Chasing Watts!. Most of the local group rides and events get listed here.

I live in Sugar Land, but shops in your area that I know are associated with racing include the following. If you reach out to them, they can either hook you up with group rides or recommend teams in the area. (Phillip Shama is the owner and rides all the time)

Bike Barn on Weslayan also organizes alot of rides and isn’t too far from there.

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If you’re in the Heights there’s Sunday morning group rides starting at Antidote, and one also starting at Blue Line - both are in the Heights. I use Chasing Watts too to see if there’s any near me if I don’t feel like riding indoors.

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Hi TR guys!

I am looking to be in Houston (from Sydney) for a month in June, 22. Looking to bring the bike and be able to train in the mornings and weekends (a few crit races would be fun as well).

Following on from this thread, Does anyone know cycling clubs close to the CBD area that train during the week?

In the past, the most popular (and safest) place to ride downtown during the work week was the Fruit Loop at Memorial Park. I don’t live in town any more, so I’d reach out to the shops in the downtown area for more recent info. The shops we mentioned above, as well as Chasing Watts are all still relevant info. Hopefully someone closer to the CBD will respond.

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Thanks Pbase!

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how do i filter in chasing watts? Like i want to search for Houston ?

Hmmm. Not sure what you’re seeing, but here’s what I see

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