Phoenix Road / Gravel Cycling

Going to be in Phoenix over President’s day weekend with some friends who cycle. Looking for:

  1. Bike shop recommendation for rentals
  2. Routes - Want to avoid traffic, cars, danger. Open to either gravel or road, but none of us have the skill for mountain.

Come to tucson instead, obviously. But if you insist on the valley, what part will you be in? Phoenix proper?

REI Co-Op Adventure center in North Scottsdale rents some very nice Trek and Cannondale bikes. They have ride maps and cue sheets that start right from the store. I recommend the Bartlett Lake route!


Sign up and race with me!

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tell me more

This is a decent route out of Scottsdale…I have ridden it a couple of times while there on business.

There’s a 3 day stage race in the PHX area that weekend for all categories. Friday ITT (10ish miles). Saturday Road Race (distance depends on category). Sunday is a crit downtown. I think you have to enter the full 3 stages if you are P/1/2/3/4. Cat 5/Novice can do each event individually.

I’m flying down from Ohio to do this race and hanging out to do the Tucson Bicycle Classic the following weekend. TBC is a similar format but a shorter TT and a circuit race Sunday instead of the crit.

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I have to miss VOS this year, but it’s a great race.

BikeHaus will be able to hook you up with good routes, though I doubt they rent bikes.

Options from a friend who lives there (private account, not sure how to link them in strava directly… but will if someone tells me how):

REI for rentals. There’s a lot of great road and gravel riding from Scottsdale. Bartlett lake (maybe a bit busy with traffic on a holiday weekend unless you go early) and Cave Creek are the best longish rides with some climbing. There’s plenty of gravel riding in Browns ranch and Mcdowell Regional parks. Also a really nice gravel road out the end of seven springs rd to Humboldt mountain from north scottsdale/cave creek. There’s a Saturday group ride that leaves from Scottsdale (gainey ranch area) and a Sunday group ride through Paradise Valley if you are into that sort of thing.