Moving/skipping workouts in Master's XCM for Course Recon

I am currently in the specialty phase of a Master’s XCM plan. My weeks look like this…

VO2 on Tuesday is not a problem, Neither are the endurance on Wed/Thursday, but in the weeks coming up I’m heading down to Fort Ord to imprint the Fuego XL course into my brain. Places to push, places to recover, places to eat/drink, likely areas where I’ll need to use a much different line on race day to get around folks that don’t have course knowledge and balk.

That’s my Saturday ride/workout. Last couple of time’s I’ve been down there I’ve been on course for 4 hours and in almost all of the zones. Garmin tagged it with primary benefit of VO2 Max, TSS was 527 and IF was 0.788, so yeah it was a workout and I did have a fair bit of fatigue in my legs from the week prior when I tried and failed to do two different Threshold workouts on Thursday and ended up doing Tempo because that’s what my legs allowed me to do. So moving Threshold to Thursday doesn’t seem like a great idea. Also at 56, I don’t bounce back the way I used to…

Question is should I just leave the threshold workout there or maybe swap it with a 3 hour Tempo and push that as an outdoor workout, or just drop it all together and just ride? :man_shrugging:t2:

I would do whatever allows you to fully recover. Missing 1 or 2 workouts will not slow you down. You get faster in recovery.

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