Mountain Bike Equipment Fails

Update - Pivot was great and replaced the frame with no hassle and great service!!

In the meantime, a buddy here who gave me all sorts of good natured crap for breaking a frame, destroyed a carbon wheel last week. Karma says never make fun of your pals!!!

I didn’t find a thread for generic Mountain Bike Equipment failure so here is a repository for things that broke and hopefully didn’t hurt the rider. If there is a thread I’m sure Mr McNeese will know about it @mcneese.chad

Was doing a fork rebuild and air can service on my Mach 5.5

While cleaning the bike up all nice and pretty and inspecting things before reinstalling the suspension parts had the dreaded “That doesn’t look right” realization.

Today’s Score: Bike Gods 1 Darth 0

I hope they warranty it for you.

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Tnx - I’m sure we will work something out. These things don’t last forever and worst case it is an excuse to try another bike.

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Better in the shop than on the trail!


That new Switchblade looks dialed.

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