N+1 Failure :-(

Bike #1 (Rigid SS MTB): Got me a new wheelset and tires, super excited so the night before I get everything prepped for an early morning ride. Morning comes, load the bike on the car rack, drive to the trial head. Unload bike, snap a selfie, and hit the trail. Two mins later - POP! - broke the chain!! I know I have a spare chain at home so no problem, jump back in car for a 15 min ride back. I measured and cut the new chain to size, but then have difficulty with a loose quick link. Come to realize it’s a 9 speed quicklink but the chain is 11 speed. :frowning_face: Ok then, let’s ride Bike #2.

Bike #2 (New full suspension MTB): Next day, new trail. Suspension feels good, tire pressures too. I’m two miles in, get to the bottom of a descent, and the dropper post is stuck in the lowest position. I pushed, pulled, and even punched the saddle, trying to convince the post to extend. I had read of poor experiences with Rockshox Reverbs but thought those were early generations. I’m definitely selling this P.O.S. was my first thought. Then I remember this is an AXS and I’ve never recharged the battery. :frowning_face: Ok then, on to number #3.

Bike #3 (New Gravel): This was bought as a 2x11 but I’m a 1x guy. I’m feeling lazy and debating if I should just keep it 2x and go ride. While I’m unboxing the bike the f’n chain slips off the the small chainring and scratches my zero mile carbon frame :rage:!!! That front derailleur is now definitely being tossed and I’m going 1x! I install an oval chainring but still feeling lazy, I did not replace the short cage rear derailleur or compact cassette. I do get a ride in (success!) but soon learn that I really do need that 11-40 cassette and long cage rear derailleur to bail me out of these hills. So this morning I take off the rear wheel, compact cassette, and short cage derailleur. The 11-40 cassette installation required a spacer for the road freehub and luckily I had a spare. Getting ready to install the new 11 speed long cage derailleur and find that it’s missing the assembly needed to screw it into the hanger! No this isn’t a direct mount derailleur, it’s just missing the dang part! :frowning_face:

Ok, so I’ve got one more bike left. What could possibly be wrong with that one? This is my tried and true first love, my trusty steed, my old reliable This is Bike #4.

Bike #4 (Monstercross/Gravel grinder/MTB/Adventure): Ah yeeess… #4 is super clean, tuned, and everything works perfectly. But I can’t ride it. Why? Because I have it listed for sale. :weary:


Buddy, have you broken a mirror recently? I would just step away from anything bike or technology related and wait for this spell of misfortune to pass :wink:

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I carry a mini chain tool and a quick link in my MTB seat pack. Imagine if you break your chain when you are 10 miles out from the trail head!

Unfortunately, I can’t relate.

How do you forget that you spent $800 on a seatpost?

Not pointing fingers or blaming. I’m just… you know, pointing fingers and blaming.


I normally do but haven’t sorted my supplies since I’ve added to my stable.

This was my first battery based bike component. I bought the AXS dropper in late 2019 and charged it then. But the MTB was a frame-up build that I did not complete until recently. I did test the dropper, just not the battery level.

And I didn’t pay retail, but I get your point! :money_mouth_face:

I was just ribbing. :upside_down_face: