Cyclocross and seatpost failure - hilarity ensues

And by hilarity, I mean “thank my lucky stars I was going very slow” when the cheap carbon seatpost failed.

I had spent about an hour in the park practicing mounts, dismounts, running with the bike, and basically floundering around looking like a middle aged fool in lycra before heading back to the parking lot. I was doing a few figure 8’s and practicing very low speed remounts, when BAM!

On the last remount the carbon post exploded and the seat went flying off onto the tarmac. Thankfully I had both hands on the bars and my feet were able to hit the ground easily. I’d be in the emergency room if my bum had impaled the carbon.

Anywhoo - good news is that I really like the Fabric Swoop saddle. It was my first ride with it and it really suits me. I threw a spare aluminum seatpost back on when I got home and now I’m back to floundering around the park.

Also - v-brakes are tricky little bastards. The LBS is going to get a problem solver travel adjuster doo-hickey for the rear brake, for better pull and adjustment.

The seatpost was a Chinese “EC90” post off of ebay and I weight about 185, if anyone’s interested. I never should have put the post on the bike to begin with. Not with my hefty weight hopping on and off.


Glad you’re ok!!!

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A guy broke his carbon rails during a cx race here during a remount also! Glad youre ok. Fabric saddle is great!

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I have seen so many carbon seatposts break during CX that I would never use one. Usually cheap non branded Chinese ones. Even a bike manufacturer had one break under his wife while she was racing. She was very not happy.
I figure the weight savings over aluminum is just not worth it.

Yea, I’m glad I leaned that lesson and n the parking lot and not in a race. Back to aluminum for me.

haha I really want to use my s-works toupe on my cx bike but cracking those rails is a genuine concern. Im a bit of a big’un at 200#

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Yea, I hear you.

And it gave no warning either. I had spent a good hour hopping on and off the carbon post with no creaks, no moans, no nothing. Then one low speed remount and it exploded quite spectacularly (at least it felt that way in the moment).

V brakes give the illusion of stopping but in fact do not stop



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