Motivating? Or demoralizing?

This just crept into my Twitter feed. I’m currently browsing golf clubs.



For me, neither. Pro cyclists, especially top pros like Sagan, are so far beyond me it’s like looking at a pro football player and then being demoralized during your touch football game with friends. Since I’m not close, nor will I never be, something like the ride you show isn’t something I would look at and go: I should be able to do that, I must suck :rofl:


Aspirational. Just need to take a 3-min vo2max interval and stretch it out to 177km :joy:


Only 4.4w/kg theres folk on Zwift who can do 6 :wink:


I’ve said this before. To me, it’s irrelevant. He’s a pro, it’s his job, he needs those stats to do what he does. I’m more concerned with the stats you folks post up. You’re the riders I’m more likely to encounter.

If I sat Sagan down and gave him a years worth of training, I’m pretty certain that he couldn’t do my job as well as I do. I doubt he could do most other peoples jobs either.

He’s paid to do what he does. As soon as he can’t, he’s gone.


Motivating and aspirational. Motivating me to tell anyone considering to see a therapist first. You must have some masochistic tendencies and clearly off your rocker.

Solid B numbers on Zwift :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It just makes me smile. Peter has been so entertaining to watch over these years. Truly one of a kind.


this would be like a physics student giving up physics because of Einstein


Comparaison is the thief of joy


The 4th postulate. Pack it up, you’re dumb.

I’m interpreting that as 4.4 w/kg for 177km. Not as an FTP. I could be wrong.

I interpret it as an average too, I was just being facetious with my post :wink:

I’ll see you Sagan and raise you Ganna :open_mouth:


This is more frightening when you think that Evenepoel has beaten Ganna in TT :slight_smile: Ganna is real monster and I wait for his hour record attempt.

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Must be all the Pizza and Pasta he had during his lifetime. That’s how it works, right?! Well, I’m off ordering some Pizza.


I rather find it motivating how much with how little each of us can achieve.
…with our amateur means, knowledge, technical/physical/psychological possibilities, each of us having job, maybe family, limited time, etc.

I would not like to be a pro, be forced to give my best every day, be forced to compete all the time, having to turn a hobby into my job starting to hate the hobby one day, be forced to follow superstrict regimes, fearing injuries, being dependent on sponsors, in some sports being frustrated by cheating doped competitors, seeing the bad side of all this business.

So: i am motivated to sit on the bike whenever I feel like and just enjoy it and follow all these training plans or numbers more or less just for fun.


Agree. Riding a bike as a job, like fishing for a living…ruins it.

Exception: being a test rider for Specialized (at least when they had bikes to test LOL).

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Are those average watts or normalized?

If it’s the former, I’d be curious to know the normalized power. :exploding_head:

Yes, its 4.4W/Kg AVERAGE for FOUR HOURS. FTP would be much, much higher.