New bike Specialized vs Orbea

I am looking at getting a new bike when they start to become available again and have narrowed it down to the Specialized Tarmac SL6 Comp Disc and the Orbea Orca Aero M20 Team Disc bikes. I was wondering what everyones experience with these bikes are and what they think of them. I am looking to spend under $4000 for the bike itself so keep this in mind. Getting back into cycling after some time off and looking for advice on new purchase.

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That’s alot of money for getting back into Cycling, just saying. Sorry I can’t offer any advice on which bike is best.


At that price point any bike will be very good.

You just need to look for a bike that check your your preference when it comes to group set…

Always get the one you like the look of most, avoids regret and you’ll ride it more.


No personal experience but after some extensive research on the bikes, only downside to orbea is customer service - there is a lot of negativity about how they handle things. So search some more information about this. The customization option on Orbea is great. I would also consider team version but not in aero setup - it can be more “user friendly” as they supposedly are more comfortable. Also the wheels you get are quite basic.

I got the SL6 comp a month ago and love it. You may have a hard time finding one unless you have a store near you with it in stock.

I tell people this all the time. In 2020 all bikes are so good that you can basically pick your favorite color and you can’t go wrong.


Why did you even comment then?

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Since I don’t know how long you have been off the bike or how active your were before your break, I can only give a general advice. If not done already 1. Get a bike fit 2. Get a bike that fits you.

The bike fit is probably less than 10% of your budget. If your new bike doesn’t fit you, you will ride with pain or damage your body. This might be in the end a reason to take an other break from cycling. In general, both of your mentioned bikes are rather aggressive. They might look nice. But depending on your riding style an endurance bike might be more suitable.

If I misinterpreted you and you are a Cat 1 racer who just came back from a rest week - ignore all I said :wink:

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