Road bike upgrade...interested in your opinions

Looks like it’s been a while since there’s been a “what bike should I get” thread and there isn’t too much discussion here on the bikes I’m looking at, so I figured I’d give this a go.

I got hit by a car at the beginning of the month. I was super lucky and came away with only some bad road rash and bruising (despite breaking his windshield) but unfortunately my bike, a 2019 allez sprint disc, is absolutely destroyed…downtube almost cut all the way through, left seat stay snapped clean off, right seat stay bent, toptube heavily bent, seat tube bent and cracked, left crank arm bent in so that it hits the chain stay and won’t spin a full revolution…you get the picture.

I’m primarily a triathlete but will be using this for all my outdoor riding (tri bike stays on the trainer), which will include gran fondos, some crits, lots of outdoor training with trainerroad/garmin, and some group rides. I’m pretty flexible and can put up with doing long rides on a racier frame/fit no problem.

I’m looking for an upgrade from the sprint – definitely disc, definitely electronic shifting, and I would prefer it if the bike came with a set of carbon clinchers. I absolutely love integrated handlebars/stems, and I don’t have any particular brand loyalty.

Right now I’m eyeing (in the $4.5-6.5k range):

  • the new Supersix Evo AXS
  • Trek Emonda S7
  • Specialized Tarmac Expert
  • Cervelo S-series

I think I’m leaning towards the Tarmac but the new supersix is just so sexy. I’ve considered waiting for the supposed Tarmac/Emonda updates later this year but with covid going on I’m not confident those releases will occur anytime soon. Yes, I could “go test ride” all of these bikes but honestly I think parking lot test rides without the bike properly fit to you are mostly worthless. I’m confident I can get a good fit on pretty much any modern bike.

I’d love to hear any and all opinions!

I’d suggest anyone that is considering the super six do a comparison against the system six. Most riders will benefit more from the aero frame than the weight difference between the two

That’s not to say the system six is better (or worse) than your other options, but it is worth adding to the list if you’re considering a super six


Canyon has a $5k Aeroad with a heck of a build for that price:


Why climbing bikes? I’d go aero and replace Emonda with Madone SLR 6, and replace Tarmac with Venge.


Rose X-Lite disc six is a pretty good deal for the money. Just under 6 k for full dura ace di2 and some in -house carbon clinchers (claimed total weight is 6,7 kg). The downside… it’s quite ugly imo :see_no_evil:

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@trpnhntr I do like the systemsix but the di2 model is a tad too pricey for me. I could go for the ultegra model but after upgrading the drivetrain/cockpit I just can’t stand the colorway.

@jwellford I’m always tempted to get a Canyon…great value, looks, and brand quality from what I’ve read. I do lots of my own maintenance but still prefer to get something sold locally (better resale value, supporting the local shop, etc.).

@bbarrera I agree aero is everything. If I could spare the extra $2k I’d just buy the Venge but unfortunately that’s not an option. The Tarmac SL6 is only a few watts slower than the Venge anyway. The Emonda is up there purely as a value option – the rumor mill says Trek is releasing a revamped frame this year but who knows with what’s going on now.

@pasque Thanks, will have to check out Rose.

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I agree, but isn’t the cheapest Venge $8k? Just had a friend at the near-pro level buy a Tarmac. When I asked why not Venge his answer was simply $$; even with his team discount it was too much.


Yeah…if I could snag a Venge Pro at $6.5k or less that’d be :fire: :fire: :fire:

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If your looking for aero within your budget (and if it strikes you in the right way), there should be a giant propel with ultegra di2 in that range. I have had a propel disc for a bit over a year now and have loved it thus far.

I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the new super six. I’ve ridden one, and have built up a few. Unless you’re shelling out enough money to get the knot wheels, the aero carbon bars, and the di2 group, it’s pretty meh in my opinion. Without their proprietary cockpit parts at the higher prices to make everything integrated, the bike looks goofy up front by the headtube. Plus you get a power meter that isn’t fully activated. You have to spend even more money on top of your purchase to activate it.

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If you’re looking to buy a bike in 2020 I’d definitely look for front cable integration. I was going to say disc brakes but you mentioned that already. All new bike models are pushing for that, whether its for looks or aero or both. The new Cannondale has it and the new Cervelo has it with that really cool front handlebar system, which BTW I saw being blown out at my LBS…believe retail is around 10-12 and they had it for 6500! The Tarmac and Emonda on the other hand are at the middle and end respectively of their life cycles, I’m sure next gen will be integrated. Anyway, small thing but something I’d definitely be looking at…cleans up the front real nicely and is a future proof guarantee.

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Don’t forget Giant’s offerings. They tend to be some of the best value for money bikes.

Also, unlike other companies, they build everything in-house, which means the quality control tends to be better.


Incredible deal on the Strada aero bike, plus benefits the Bergamo hospital. This one comes with a carbon wheelset for 5k euros.

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I’m glad to see you’re mostly ok. I got hit in January and also came away with no broken bones but a broken bike. I found a good deal on an S-Works Tarmac frame and so far I like it. I raced it a few times before Coronavirus hit and it was great. I really wanted a bike with integrated cables but I didn’t like the supersix integration and the price was right on the Tarmac.

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I have a Canyon Aeroad SL 8 disc di2 and it is an amazing bike and the best value hands down. The giant propel is the next closest but about $500-600 more. No other brand comes within $1k for aero wheels and di2. Any good local shop would service a Canyon.

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Does Canyon actually make a bike with a fully integrated cockpit? Ideally my next bike will be aero, disc and no visible wires upfront.

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Have you looked at the BMC RoadMachine 01 _ you should find one of the models fit’s your price range. I looked at the new SystemSix but did not like what I read on a few forums about seat post slippage - It’s an issue I’ve had with many bikes over the years. I recently went with a RoadMachine 01 Three with Sram Force eTAP and so far very impressed.


One of the reason I was looking at the Giant Propel was the integrated cockpit but it is 2 lbs heavier, has mismatched aero wheels depth, and is more $. The Canyon has the one piece stem/bars but still have external brake cables. I was hoping the new model would be fully integrated but it keeps getting delayed.

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The Emonda is going to be fantastic, especially if it gets released on time.

@Cleanneon98 That’s what I’m hoping…I might just grin and bear it on my tri bike only for the next few months in the hope these releases actually happen.

One thing to know about Canyon is you need to really like it, have it fit well, and be something you want to keep for the long haul. The reason I say that is because the resale on Canyons is trash!