Modular Cycling Desk

@anon86199957 Thanks for your feedback, I have a follow up question if you don’t mind: to what extent do you pull and push your desk throughout a workout? Is it to operate the computer, turn your fans on or off, or perhaps create more room when a sprint is coming up? I ask because this has only recently become a talking point and I want to learn more about your user experience. I personally have never had the need to bring the desk closer/further away during a workout, so any insight here would be helpful.

I push and pull my desk quite a bit, which is why I brought up the point on casters. My desk can go over the top of my hoods so when I want to change the song on my tablet or do something on my zwift companion app, I pull it close. I also keep my keyboard on my desk so need to manage TR and Zwift on the PC from it. However, I push it away when I’m not interaction with it because a) need to get on the hoods, especially standing and b) it’s a more natural neck angle to see those devices further away.

@russell.r.sage @lonerider @anon86199957 Thanks for your feedback

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Great conversation!

Has anyone actually tried one of these? For the price it’s very inline with some cheaper looking options. I’m coming from no desk at all so I’m not sure how important moving the desk would be for me. Indoor season is approaching here soon!

It looks pretty…minimalistic, I guess. As I understand, it was created to be reconstructed if needed. Am I right? Actually, I’d buy it if I had a little room. Btw, have you thought of making a bigger table constructed like this? I think it would be nice. I’d be really surprised if I saw an L-shaped desk like this one but made of wood! Anyway, guys, I’d be happy to support your work. Please, keep us updated, guys! Let me know if I can still buy that table!