Modifying plan, move to MV or stay in LV?

I’m 1/2 way through LV trad base. I would like increased volume to target 6-7 hours per week (as 6 hours per week minimum is a goal for 2023). To achieve this I would like to keep the same amount of intensity sessions and add additional low intensity Z2 work to not push my TSS above what I can sustain (318 has been my highest weekly TSS if only counting TR work, low 500s if counting outdoor rides with no PM and TR together).

Here is what I have scheduled

My plan was:

Week 1 add Moresville to achieve a weekly total of 6h45m, 326 TSS
Week 2 Swap Mont Albert -1 to Gibbs -1, add Gibbs -1 and swap Petit to Petit -1 for a total of 6 hours 217 TSS (recovery week)
Week 3 add Homers Nose -1 for a total of 6.5 hours, 333 TSS
Week 4 add Homers Nose -1 for total of 6.5 hours, 349 TSS
Week 5 add Bald -1 for total of 6.5 hours, 345 TSS
Week 6 swap Petite to Gibbs -1, Swap Mont Albert -1 to Lazy Mountain +1, Swap Mont Gosford to Gibbs -1 for total of 6 hours, 235 TSS.

Should I switch to MV to do this? I don’t want to increase my weekly amount of intensity but instead my weekly amount of Z2 to increase volume in terms of duration and TSS.

Maybe I should make a ticket to ask a support agent this but figured I would ask here.

Personally, I’m a fan of keeping LV, and adding in endurance / Z2 either on TR or out on the bike. Allows you more flexibility in how you do the workouts. Extend some workouts adding in more time at the end, or add in 1, 2, or 3 rides as schedule and recovery allows.

Another option: You could also try a polarized plan - 2 intensity sessions with the balance being endurance in 4 rides a week with longer duration. Gives you more structure if that’s easier for you.

I would add endurance to the plan, I’ve added up to an extra 6 hours a week that way. I do mid volume now but swap out Sundays sweet spot for endurance. That was after 2 years TrainerRoad low volume with extra endurance. I’ve been training for 5 years, fwiw.

Be careful if you’re new to training how/ what you add. Those tempo workouts you added might be easy the first couple weeks maybe not so in a couple months.

I didn’t add anything that is shown, I wrote in text what I wanted to add to my upcoming Trad Base LV plan. The workouts I want to add are all low IF Endurance workouts.

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Yup didn’t catch that :man_facepalming:
Is that Traditional base 3?
I would still add 1 or 2 hours or more! of endurance and see how you feel before jumping to mid volume.
Extending rides is a easy way to get extra volume since you’re already on the bike!

If you like the LV plan and just want more z2, I would just add it manually. The MV plan is not going to give you the same thing.

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Yeah I’m mid way through Trad Base II, wanted to up the volume last week but got the flu, so was toughing it out just to get through the normally scheduled workouts, was supposed to do Walker Sunday at the end of the week but swapped in Broken Hand instead as I wanted a lower intensity while sick.

If you don’t want to increase your amount of intensity work, then I would stick to LV and add Z2.

I think they’re pretty similar, though. If you have time and don’t want more intensity, then let’s assume with the MV that you will consistently substitute the Sunday workouts so that they’re Z2 instead of Sweet Spot. With that, there are 3 differences between LV and MV: (1) MV has a Sunday workout (Z2 volume for you, SS volume by the books); (2) MV has a 1-hour Z2 workout midweek; (3) MV extends the weekday workouts somewhat – they could be up to 1:30, depending.

As you can see, there’s not a ton of difference.

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Yeah I think I will stick to LV and just add in an extra Z2 ride chosen based on a reasonable TSS for each week but will give me 6+ hours each week.

Would like to do more base but with a block of build and specialty each being 8 weeks it seems I will need to move to a plan builder plan once I finish block 3 of Trad base LV. As race season will start in early may and I generally pick an A event in June and September as my 2 A events for the year, can’t remember the required spacing but it must need to be ~12 weeks between A events.

Should still set me up way stronger this race season compared to last given I started TR late April last year and only got 2 weeks of workouts before the first race of the season, 9 weeks from starting TR to my mid June A event. Getting 3 blocks of base, a full 8 week block of Build and a full 8 week block of Specialty should have me chomping at the bit by comparison.

I’d stick to low volume and use Train Now to pick an appropriate endurance ride for the additional day.