How to add V02 to SSBHV?

How/where should I add VO2/intensity to SSBHV 2?

Plan builder has my periodization SSBHV1 & 2 → ShortPB HV → SSBHV2 → Specialty. I am finishing ShortPB and I don’t want to abandon all intensity for 5 weeks leading into Specialty and the start of my race season. So what’s the best way to at least maintain my V02 gains from ShortPB?

My guess is to modify Saturdays to some sort of VO2 workout, but which ones and how do I progress that each week? Do I just redo the Saturdays’ workout from ShortPB 2? Is just once a week enough or should I consider additional modifications?

Any advice appreciated.

Have you considered dropping to SSBMV2 and then add in some more Z2 volume or extending the workouts to get back to your desired TSS? That way you still get a bit of recovery from the intensity but you still get the VO2’s on tuedays and some SS/Threshold bursts for some more short power.

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I have. However, I think TR mid volume plans have too much intensity across the board in general. I actually feel better doing high volume than mid volume. So adding additional z2 to mid volume is far worse than high volume and only compounds the “too much intensity” problem. I’ve been there and it burned me out. Which would be a recipe for disaster as I’m trying to de-load inensity a bit from 8 weeks of ShortPB before Specialty and racing. That’s why I looking for 1 day of intensity (VO2) through SSBHV2.

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Fair enough, I know you race MTB and I live pretty close to you. How do you usually incorporate your trail rides into these plans? Maybe take Saturdays and do a smashing lap of DTE or POTO to get some skills and high intensity work in there and to keep it fun and interesting.

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Exactly, I replace Saturday with a hard MTB. Sunday is usually long gravel z2 or occasionally even a chill MTB (Island Lake, Treefarm, etc.)

Saturdays. Keep it simple: 20 mins of work, aim to progress power each session.

Ok, So to have proper progression, I pulled the 4 weeks of VO2 work from GenBuildHV and came up with the following for my Saturdays in this order, what do you think?

  • Shortoff +6
    Shortoff +6 consists of 3 sets of 3x3-minute VO2max intervals between 115-120% FTP followed by 40 minutes at 65% FTP. Recoveries between intervals are 3 minutes long and the recoveries between sets are 6 minutes each.

  • Monadnock +6
    Monadnock +3 consists of 2 sets of 3x5-minute VO2max intervals at 110% FTP followed by 40 minutes at 65% FTP. Recovery between intervals is 5 minutes long and recovery between sets of intervals is 8 minutes long.

  • Pisgah +6
    Pisgah +6 is 2 sets of 4x4-minute VO2max intervals at 112% FTP followed by 30 minutes at 65% FTP. Recovery between intervals is 4 minutes long and between sets of intervals is 8 minutes long.

  • South Twin +6 Twin +6 consists of 3 sets of 3x3-minute VO2max intervals at 120% FTP followed by 25 minutes of Endurance riding at 65% FTP. Active recoveries between intervals are 5 minutes long and recoveries between sets of intervals are 8 minutes long.

VO2max intervals are very individual - I don’t think it’s ideal focusing on specific powers i.e. 110%, 115% etc.

The following was posted in the Sweetspot Progression thread and was very well received:

In the old Kolie Moore Podcast Wisdom thread, there was some really good information about the Hard Start vo2 max efforts that he suggested, and that I believe a large portion of people in this thread are referring to. I’ll put some info here, even though it’s not a Vo2 thread, per se, and a lot of this may be common or repeated knowledge (the hard-start thread isn’t the same protocol, but it’s similar…). There was a lot of good info lost in that other thread…
The key points were getting total time of efforts around 20mins. Can progress by shortening interval durations rather than extending (going harder):

  • Higher than average cadence (110-120rpm unless you have an unusually low rpm)
  • Start hard, and go all-out. Power will fade, but don’t worry about it.
  • It may take a little bit of getting used to. It took me into my 2nd session before I didn’t start too hard. I might recommend starting out more conservatively on the first 1-2 and then continue to go “all-out”. Remember this is all-out during not only the sets but also the entire workout. If you do a “max effort” you would (should) be cooked. So keep the entire workout in perspective.
  • Cues are in your breathing. If you are breathing like a fish out of water, then you are doing it right. If by the latter intervals, you are pushing just as hard but not breathing as hard, you probably need to start less hard next time.
  • Recovery for as little and as much time as you need. The longer RBI the more anaerobic contribution you will likely have on your next interval, so keep it as long as you need but not too long (don’t worry too much about this… I did 1:1 personally, but it’s okay if it’s longer or shorter)
  • Use HR as a description rather than a prescription during the workout. Cadence, breathing, feeling like you’re going to pass out ( :slight_smile: ) are better cues than HR or power on how you are doing.

With all that being said, I think the best quote is from the Hard Start thread :slight_smile: :

Anectdote/note re power: Personally, I found my power ends up around 120+% of FTP for the =<5min intervals, but during the interval I didn’t look at power at all. Just kept cadence high and kept pushing as hard as I could. Kolie Moore said that some people have power end up below FTP, but that’s not what matters in this case…

Here are a couple of my workout files. These are all descriptive, the only thing I personally paid attention to on my device was cadence. My FTP at the time was 280 if I remember right

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