Moderate cold - sticking in Z2 rides as fillers

I’ve got a cold, is all above the neck rather than below, but I don’t know I can sit doing SS without any undesirable impact and I want to get better ASAP.

I am more than happy pushing the workouts back (am not using Planbuilder) but is it worthwhile filling with a chunk of Z2?

I really want to keep doing something, the will is there for sure!

Heavy cold?

STAY OFF THE BIKE. You stand to gain nothing. Go to bed already.


This doesn’t necessarily give you a free pass to continue training. I tried to race through a “cold” this fall and it prolonged for 8 weeks. It was above the neck, but it didn’t matter, I was doing too much work.

If your cold is “heavy” I would take 2-3 days off, recuperate and come back slow. I’m just coming back after being sidelined for 19 days with influenza A. Shits, real. My pre-flu FTP was around 290. I tried to do my first Sweet Spot ride this morning and had to dial the wattage back 25w because I was at threshold heart rate at 240w.

With COVID19 around I would take extra precaution and not deplete your immune system anymore than it already may be.

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It’s not a heavy cold but I don’t feel great even if really want to get on the bike. You guys speak sense though so I’ll bump it a few days and see.

I understand the feeling. I went through three illnesses between Xmas and Valentine’s day.

Best way to look at it is this: none of the workouts you do while sick will drive adaptation. They will only compromise the quality of the workouts you can do when you get better.

The goal isn’t to make up for lost ground on volume as quickly as possible. The goal is get back to quality as quickly as possible, and the best way to do that is to stay off the bike as long as possible.

Well, your thread title says otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes sorry if misled anyone. Not a clue why I wrote that. Maybe it is heavier than I thought making mistakes like that.

Edit - corrected title to MODERATE cold.


Glad I rested. Woke up feeling good and still with an urge to train, just knocked out Tunnabora no issues.

I recently had a heart cat scan, profilactically — nothing horrible :stuck_out_tongue: and the cardiologist told me to absolutely stay off the bike during colds and infections as your heart gets damaged unnecessarily during this period when under training load. She is also a thriathlete, so I’m assuming she kind of knows her shizz :slight_smile: