Mobility tips video

Hey everybody. We all have a similar passion for cycling and I’m sure most of us are similar in the sense that we have jam packed work and personal lives. Which means we cram in as much riding as possible and this sometimes means we overlook what we can do to better ourselves as riders before and after we hit the trail physically.

We spend so much time in the seated position only to rush to the trail to be in the same position even more. Sitting at the breakfast table, driving to work, sitting at your desk, driving back home from work, sitting at the dinner table, sitting on the couch to relax… So many hours spent in this position.

So I made a video with some tips on how to combat that with a great friend of mine. Check it out and I hope it’s of some use to you.

Keep grinding in that pain cave!
Feedback welcome!

TIPS - Mobility and How To Not Get Stuck Sitting Down

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Awesome, thanks for posting. Definitely bookmarking this and will add some of these to my stretching routine!

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Awesome, glad you found it helpful!