Mixing SSB with Traditional Base

Looking for real world info on if anybody has done some of this, mostly SSB during week and Trad on the weekends. Mostly how it went, happy with results, etc…

Obviously input from Coach @Chad on this as well would be great.

One other bit of info that I probably should have put in is that my 2019 goal is riding the Pyreneean circle of death from Luchon to Pau, which is why I am using the 8 free weeks I have to add more base, and not doing a build/ rebuild cycle. Not racing, but the target is do go under 8 hours.

No consideration to doing the local 45 minute crit or anything with my plan this year.

Would love to hear @Nate_Pearson thoughts as well after doing Leadville this year.

You could do this, it will just take a lot of time.

I like those two hours sweet spot rides instead of long outdoor rides. You could also just do a few long outside rides, maybe once a month, rather than every single weekend.

So many ways to skin a cat!! :crying_cat_face:

Gotcha, thanks for chiming in.

I honestly left one bit out that is probably important, I have an extra six weeks of time at the beginning of my training that I plan on doing this in, then moving to SSB, then build. Usually with racing I know it’s preferrable to rebuild instead of more base, but I think in this case the extra base work could be more beneficial, provided I get enough longer aerobic work in.