Missing workouts from the catalog filter

Searching for a SS workout that is 90 minutes long and the search turns up zero. Same thing happened for vo2 at 60 minutes. Anyone else have this happening via the browser app?

Are you certain that you don’t have any other filters active?

One “out of place” filter can kill results lists.

For clarity, what do you mean by “browser app”? Web based or on one of the TR apps (Win, Mac, Apple Mobile, Android mobile)?

Using google chrome on the web site portal. Nothing is checked other than sweet spot.

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That was via my iPhone browser. Connected to a WiFi at work, I’m gonna open a support ticket.

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OK, checked and getting the same behavior on Win10, Chrome via TR web:

Definitely not something right, @IvyAudrain may be able to look, or could be worth an email to support@trianerroad.com

Hi all, a fix for this issue will be out shortly! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Not to worry: we are not getting rid of Sweet Spot and VO2 Max workouts! :sweat_smile:


This issue has been resolved!