Missing interval countdown timer

I’ve been using TrainingPeaks (well my coach has) to define workouts and I’m not sure what I’m doing differently but I no longer have the per-interval countdown.

Instead, the interval timer is for the entire workout. I’ve already re-read through the TrainingPeaks for TrainerRoad docs.

I went back a few weeks and cloned a workout that I know worked, changed the targets, and did a force sync but not change.

The same workouts in RGT and Zwift do what I expect so I’m not sure what I’m missing.


I am searching to find the right term and related setting, but I am guessing you don’t have the “recovery threshold” set properly. You need to make sure it’s below the “peaks” of those higher work intervals.

If you miss that step, it will treat something like this as a single interval, because all the blocks are lower than that threshold (again, not the right name).

I will update once I find that term, or hopefully a more common Workout Creator user can share that or point you in the right direction if I am off base.

For completeness, here’s what the workout looks like in TrainingPeaks. It’s very similar to the one I cloned (lower targets but both used a combination of ranges & targets).

send email to support@trainerroad.com and let us know what they say. Sounds like a bug, as you said it was working before.

Yeah, I have a case open but thought I’d try another route as well.

Zwift/RGT are fine platforms but for training, there’s just too much going on in the UI.

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LOL I’ve taken that to the extreme, inside or outside all workouts are on my bike computer. One UI to rule them all :joy:

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Im glad Zackery from the support team was able to provide some help and clarification!
I’ll update the thread as well for any other athletes experiencing this.

A lack of interval countdown timer should only occur for easy rides or recovery rides imported from TrainingPeaks where the target power remains low throughout the duration of the workout.
We see this take place when the power target for the workout intervals falls below the workout Rest Level for the entire workout.
This ‘rest level’ for TrainerRoad workouts is used to separate working intervals from rest intervals, and by default is set to 50% of FTP. Therefore, intervals that fall below this threshold will be seen as one cohesive interval.
In this case above, the entire workout is below 50% FTP, which is why the countdown timer is counting down the entire workout.

We’re creating a bug report for this so that we can fix this in the future, and I’ll provide updates on this thread as soon as that fix is released.
As a workaround until we resolve that issue:
Instead of syncing the workout directly from TrainingPeaks, download the workout from TrainingPeaks as an ERG file ,then manually upload it to the Workout Creator. This will allow you to modify the Rest Level appropriately.


Thanks for the quick help!

I’m working through hip surgery recovery so doing light interval spins at < 20% FTP. Expecting this to be a short term thing though so happy with the workaround for now!