Missed two days

I missed two training days (I’m halfway through SSB) should I just resume tomorrow? Not sure if I’ll be able to finish. I’m still not feeling great.

  • Not clearly stated, but presumably you have a cold or other illness leading to the missed days.

I think people tend to try to return to training sooner than is useful and end up with a setback as a result.

My motto: “When in doubt, sit it out.”

Meaning, unless you really feel recovered and ready to return, you are more likely to cause harm than lead to improvement.


2 days?

  1. That’s ok, you’ve lost no fitness
  2. Give it an extra day if you aren’t feeling up for a workout; as Chad mentioned, many an amateur has come back too soon and wasn’t well enough only to dig a deeper hole
  3. Once well-rested you might find that you crush your next workout
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If you’ve got it in you, get on the bike and pedal an easy recovery pace until you feel better. Otherwise, rest.