Missed Response/Cut Short - No power meter data

Hi all,

TR noob here, but have been enjoying my first month. Wondering if anyone can help me out with an issue I’m experiencing with a recent ride.

I normally ride with a Wahoo Kickr trainer, but my bike is having some work done on it, and so I turned to my Peloton to get my rides in. On Thursday I started my workout, thinking I had only my heart rate monitor connected to TrainerRoad, got to the end of the workout and was presented with a message along this lines of “Tell us why the ride was so tough” … I did however have the option to select “It wasn’t” and then filled in the normal workout survey. On reflection what had happened was TR had still connected to my idle Kickr, had seen I put 0w in and thought “boy that was a tough ride” hence the original message. I was however able to override this which was great.

Fast forward to todays ride, and I did what I thought was the sensible thing and disconnected my Kickr before starting my workout so that TR wasn’t getting a 0w feed. Instead I was doing my workout with just a heart rate monitor. This time I get to the end of my ride, and I have no option to complete a post workout survey. It’s been auto filled as “Cut Short” despite me doing the full workout. There is heart rate data for the full workout and I have the ride synced to Strava from my Peloton which has the power data. But there doesn’t seem to be a way of getting TR to recognise this. I can’t edit the workout survey from “Cut Short” on my phone. When I looked at the ride on the website, it doesn’t say “Cut Short” instead it says “Missed Response”, but again no way to edit it. And TR is not importing the Peloton ride with the power data, so there seems to be no way of me trying to associate the Peloton ride with the workout.

Anyone got any ideas?


For anyone stumbling upon this (unlikely) there is a solution.

Delete the workout from Trainerroad. Go to Strava, export your workout from Strava. Go back into TR, import the ride you just exported. Then within Trainer road re-add the planned workout to your Calendar, then associated the ride you imported with the workout you just added. Then assign an appropriate TSS score to your ride, and complete the post workout survey. There will be no power meter or HR data in TR, but it will correctly apply Adaptive Training and Progress Levels.

Hey welcome to TrainerRoad! (and to the forum!)

I’m going to go ahead and initiate a support line of communication for you. While we don’t have direct Peloton integration as you know, I do wan’t to have someone check out the ‘cut short’ experience and your survey that resulted.
What’s more, I’ll have them make sure you’re appropriated recording/synced with Strava so you don’t have to delete/re-upload activities.

Please keep an eye out in your email, a team member will reach out shortly!

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Thanks Ivy :blush:

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Yo! Just following up to make sure you saw the email from our support team member Kyle with some tips on making that process a little easier for you with some workarounds.

This would look like scheduling your TrainerRoad workout as an Outside Ride, then, whenever you complete the workout on the Peleton, it’ll go to Strava and should automatically upload from there to TrainerRoad, where it should automatically associate with the planned ride.

It does look like you were able to manually import a ride successfully not too long ago! Do you have any questions or are you all set?
Let me know if we can help further!

Thanks Ivy. I did, I’ve just been away (Vegas) for a week or so, so haven’t been around my bike. I do have the trainer bike back now but this is very useful to know thank you!

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Nice! Cool no rush, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions when you’re back.

Hope that hotel ‘gym’ life has been okay for you! :sob: :joy: