Luck with customer service?

Has anyone actually spoke to someone from TR? I’ve put tickets in and the reply back sometimes takes days. Then I reply back to them and it takes more time to address my software concerns. It’s frustrating because every time I ask to speak to someone I’m ignored.

@Bryce @Ian

As we near the onset of the winter season here in the Northern Hemisphere, the amount of people training indoors on our software and needing assistance with it goes up exponentially. This is why the average response time on the Support side has slowed down a little, but our entire Support team strives to handle pressing issues as quickly as they can.

I took a look at your open ticket with Christian, and it seems that you’re seeing more erratic power data in your ride graphs than you’re used to. The KICKR’s firmware itself was updated to show more accurate real-time power, instead of the artificially “smoothed” data it used to broadcast. Additionally, if you find your power meter data has been getting more “jagged,” it may be time for a calibration, firmware update, new battery, or a reset in some cases. To answer the question you raised in your email, the power smoothing setting only affects the visual “target” (bar that changes color as your power gets closer or further from the power target), and does not change the data recorded or displayed in the graph. Luckily, you’re still training in all the right zones, even accounting for the small fluctuations in power.


Thanks for getting back to me, but this only occurred after I was told to go to the TR Beta version because my current version never updated. I clicked the update tab each time I began TR and it said updates are available do you want to download. When the older version opens up the workouts show no graphs in the library and says Update Client. The PM I’m using has been calibrated, updated firmware and new battery installed. Also, I have not updated the Firmware on the Kickr in quite some time. Also, I’m using the Power smoothing, but it does not seen to be functioning.