Missed A-Race - What to do?

Hi Team,

I recently missed my A-race to a mysterious tummy bug/24hr sickness. I’m into the first day of my rest week, but, due to the taper process and missing my race I feel like I’m ready to get going on my next base phase straight away. Shall I adjust and begin my base phase straight away, wait out the rest week, or pepper in a little bit of intensity??

Thanks in advance legends,

If it’s a 24 hour bug I’d just crack on with training again. Bummer about your race, if it was me I’d be looking for another event I could jump into at short notice, or maybe some other kind of challenge to make use of that taper and fitness before you go back to base. E.g. go ride a century or try and get a PR/KOM on a local climb(s) or segment(s).

I’ve got a few of those in my back pocket e.g. there are a few 40-60 minute looped segments where I’m fairly close to the KOM having done long sweetspot intervals on them in “normal” kit, and I’m pretty sure I could get the crown if I put the skinsuit on and rode them at threshold. Not prepared to change my training plan to accommodate that sort of effort, but I’m sure a cancelled race or other mishap will come along sooner or later and present me with a day where I’m fairly fresh and can afford to deal with the fatigue from going full gas for that long.

Let the sickness vs desire make the decisions on when to go. When you do - consider smashing something epic and starting a new plan up.

I’ve been there and felt the need to use the fitness for something.