Minimum effective dose maintenance

Which episodes discussed minimum effective dose?
I’ve been training for long course tri having completed that my next race is a flat road marathon. Running will take priority but I’m wondering how much cycling to include as x training that will a) supplement my run training and b) maintain some or must of my cycle fitness.

Not sure about the podcast, but this post on the Trainerroad blog on detraining has some suggested doses.


Now I’d imagine the numbers are a fair bit different if you are still running, so personally I would just stick with 1 or 2 endurance rides a week and focus on running for the rest of your available time.

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It really depends on your history and normal cycling training load.
If you take this approach of a few endurance rides you’ll need to accept your cycling performance will dramatically decline in my opinion.

You can probably maintain in the endurance/LT phase of training for a Marathon but when you get to the race specific training in the last 6 - 8 weeks assuming this is you highest run volume it is almost impossible if you want to perform anyway near your best in the marathon.

To minimise cycling loses look at the article posted above… imo you want to keep the intensity in one to two sessions a week but keep the sessions short about 45 minutes or even 30 minutes. I would try for 3 cycling sessions a week and see how you go.

Speaking to run / tri coaches, and I have found this myself, that cycling fitness transfers to the run reasonably well (if doing the running, and strenght work to minimise injuries) but run fitness doesnt transfer to cycling very well.

I would work in two 60 to 90 minute cycling workouts per week for maintenance to go along with your running workouts. You shouldn’t lose much cycling fitness and it may actually help your run goals.