Mid volume without the endurance rides

Dear fellow TR users,

Since last year I am following a TR plan. I followed a Low Volume plan in 2022, with great results. I went for a Medium Volume plan in 2023.
But, in order to be able to fit this plan in my life, I skipped the endurance rides of this Mid Volume plan during winter time. This means I have 4 interval sessions a week (sweet spot, treshold, VO2max and/or anaerobic) which I sometimes prolonge to 2 hours instead of the prescribed 1,5 hours per session.
I only ride inside during winter time (short days, cold and wet). I never find the motivation to execute indoor endurance sessions in the winter. I’d rather spend some time with my wife or just relax instead of doing Z2 rides. Endurance rides on a trainer are not very motivating…
So I decided to skip the endurance rides of the program during the winter. This approach might evolve with Spring and Summer arriving, allowing me to train outside again. I’ll be probably more motivated to perform endurance rides outside once the weather permits it.
My racing season starts in 10 days, and I feel relatively confident of this approach. I am feeling relatively strong and ready to race.

Do you think this is a sound approach or should I rather move to a Low Volume approach during winter time?

Greetings from Luxemburg,

That is a lot of intensity…but if you can manage the load, recover properly and then hit the numbers in your next workout, then have at it.

Z2 stuff on the trainer is tough for a lot of people…the most important element of a training program is consistency. So if you can consistently do the above schedule, and consistently hit the target numbers, then you’ll be able to train consistently.

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I don’t see how it would be problematic. If you could deal with the 4 days of intensity and a Z2 session, then you’re going to be fine with swapping the Z2 for a rest day. Also, depending which plan you’re on, two of the four intensity days are probably sweet spot anyways. So it’s not like you’re doing 4 days of V02 and threshold.

You can tell us in 10 days. If you get the results you want, race after race, feeling great, and staying injury free it’s working for you.