Mid season break?

Getting ready to take a week off the bike for a midseason break. Just looking for some advice as to how to pick back up when I get back to training, Specifically FTP. Do most just use the FTP they left off at? I wouldn’t think I would lose too much after 7 days off and maybe it would be splitting hairs but figured it was worth an ask as to what some of you have done and if it worked for you. Thanks for any advice!

A week off isn’t really a break. Certainly not enough to drop ftp. On the contrary, it’s not uncommon to hit new highs after a bit of time off. Google search “supercompensation”, something that can happen after a well timed rest.


I am feeling like it might be time for a week off myself. I usually don’t change my ftp, but I also don’t target workouts in the upper part of intensity zones for a week or two. I usually do tempo or sweet spot workouts for the first few weeks back after time off the bike.

As mentioned above, a week off is nothing… especially at the end of a season and consistent training.

I don’t lower FTP but I ease back into it with mostly endurance pace rides and an easier workout with lower PLs at the end of the week. Then a longer ride on the weekend and usually the rust is off and ready to get back to work.

I just took 2 weeks off for a vacation 1 week after having finished a complete base-build-specialty phase. I felt very strong on the bike and gym (although my heart rate was quite a bit higher) and broke quite a few PRs on strava (until my sram dub crank preload ring broke :disappointed_relieved:)