Mid or High Volume Build Phase?

I am approaching the end of SSB2MV and I’m considering giving sustained pwr build high volume a shot. I was planning on mid volume but SSB2MV is going so well I’m wondering if I should take it up a notch. The build phase will led into my ‘A event’, a 100 mi MTB race w/ 12k feet of climbing. Some background for context:

  • 40 yrs old
  • Prior to the past 10 weeks, I’ve been riding for about 3 yrs, roughly 2/3 times a week, totaling 2K mi/year, w/ zero structured training. I’ve done two races, a road century and a 60 mi mtb race.
  • I have a demanding career as a fighter pilot and leader, and I have a young family, so most of my training will be accomplished before 7:00 AM.
  • SSB1MV started out rough, but 2 has gone really well. I’ve yet to miss workout and I haven’t had to decrease or backpedal during a single interval. I am absorbing the TSS well and I’m getting stronger week-by-week.
  • Current FTP is 260 which puts me right at 4W/kg, my goal is 4.5W/kg by late Apr. Not sure if it’s feasible, but I still have some weight to lose (5 lbs) and I believe I have some upside on the FTP.
  • I wrestled in college roughly 18 years ago, but I still know how to suffer through difficult training.

Should I stick with what’s working or take it up a notch? Do I risk burn-out or overtraining? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

A fighter pilot? Try writing headlines for car adverts like I do, day in day out! That’s real stress. :wink:

But seriously, can you do high volume training before 7am and function properly for a job like yours? That’s the first question I’d be asking myself. Some of us can have an unproductive hour or even (if we work from home) take a sneaky nap. You can’t really switch off in an F16 I expect.


I’d recommend the MV plan and add in extra endurance riding if you have the time. You’ll be able to complete workouts and get more rest.

Unless you go to sleep very early, you’ll have 3 days a week of 2hr demanding workouts to finish by 6am and while I know people make this work, you’ll also see many, many threads on this forum dedicated to people failing plans that they probably don’t have sufficient time to follow properly.

If you compare the plans you’ll notice that many of the + workouts are slightly altered intervals with .5hr or more Z2 riding added on. You can do this yourself if you have the time/energy and still complete your quality work.

Based on your history, you should definitely gain some fitness from a MV build plan. If you complete the first 4 weeks and have time, then go to HV.


Thank you for the solid advice. I will rock the MV plan and plus up on the endurance work as able. :us:


Unfortunately at this point in my career I don’t actually fly as much as you might imagine.

Thank you for your service. :us:


Can’t help with your training questions, but what do you fly?

I have found it hard to balance training and flying (especially doing BFM and the like) so this is a good question honestly.

That’s awesome, very jealous that you guys do a lot of cool stuff! I fly the Growler.

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You could start the SSB HV and just drop the Friday ride if you need more recovery.