Mid-build phase ramp test...... (week 5)

After doing the ramp test on week 1, is it really that necessary to do another after 3 weeks of building (plus 1 week recovery)?

Is an FTP change expected after such a short time?
What changes did you see in this short period?
What’s the theory behind this 2nd test?

Typical testing is recommended every 4-6 weeks. Changes can and do occur for some people in that time. There’s no absolutes, but it is possible to be on the upward trend, especially after the recovery week.

Many like to test to see what if any change happens, and then that leads to more work via the higher FTP.

But do note, that not everyone sees an FTP change. It may be that you are gaining at other areas not caught in the test.

You are free to skip the test. You can leave your FTP alone or make manual adjustments if you suspect you are gaining.

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