Micronutrient Track App

Hi everybody.

I believe I have deficit form some micronutrients even if I am eating healthy. For example I am eyeballing magnesium and sure that my intake is not enough.

So I want to track my micronutrients. At the end of some period I want to see what is missing and getting a supplement or specific food to supply it. I am already tracking macros with myfitnasspal but I believe it’s library is not very good for micronutrients.

Do you have any app suggestion with a good library or database for micronutrient tracking?

I started using Cronometer. Seems to do pretty well.

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I do something similar and I’ve also found cronometer to be pretty good to that end. I like that you can customise which targets are visible and/or displayed most prominently so you can tailor it to your specific interests.

Definitely also worth speaking to a doctor if you suspect any kind of deficiency (meeting the RDI might not always tell the entire story due to differences in absorption/bioavailability and individual needs), and a sports nutritionist can also be a good investment if you feel your nutrition is falling short of your performance goals.