Nutrition app or nutrition advices

Hi guys! Sorry about my English but I’m from Argentina and English It’s not my language.

Well, I want to eat healthier and I dowload a lot of nutrition apps but there were all pay-to use apps, and I’m not sure if they are any good. So I want to know if you know a good app for nutrition.
I know that a nutritionist would be better, but I went to a lot and always says to me the same things, I’m currently eating really well but I want to eat better or have new meal ideas.

I also want to know why the recovery drinks have a 3:1 ratio or 4:1 ratio of carbs protein, why this ratio is better than a scoop of only protein?

And if you have any tips or something that helps me to improve my nutrition please tell me.

Thanks all!

My experience with the DQS app (from the Endurance Diet book by Matt Fitzgerald) has been a success. I am breaking through a weight plateau while eating full and rarely feeling hungry. Very easy mnemonic: avoid refined carbs, sugars, fried, processed foods, alcohol; fill up on vegetables, fruits, whole, unprocessed foods. I would recommend that you read the book though for completeness of context.


My favorite website/app is It has a large database of foods like MyFitnessPal (which has many followers on these forums) but I feel that there is more information provided by Cronometer which I find helpful. The most important thing is to get an understanding of where your calories are coming from and then simply start making better/more informed decisions.

For me those decisions include increasing the volume of food that I’m eating while keeping the calorie density low, lots of veggies and large broth based soups have been a game changer for me this last month where I’ve lost 6 lbs in 4 weeks without feeling like I was starving myself over the holidays.


After listening to a previous podcast I became interested in doing some tracking of food intake. I looked at Myfitnesspal but their privacy policy is a nightmare. They share your personal data even if you’re a paying customer. Why would anyone allow that? If the service is free, you’re the product. If the service isn’t free (their premium service) and they still sell/share your data then they are abusing their users. No thanks.

If anyone knows of an app that doesn’t abuse their users trust please do post it here.

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This 4:1 ratio comes from a study about drinking crab vs carbprotein mix. They suggested that drinking carbprotein mix reduces muscle damage while cycling.
As a recovery drink it’s about restoring carbohydrate reserves and restore muscle damage with the protein.
You don’t need as much protein as carbohydrate for recovery.

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