Perfect timing and nutrition matching: null set?

Okay, after listening to Chad last week regarding iron absorption, and thinking about time to eat relative to workouts, and desired carbs, and what macros/micros block other ones, I’m starting to wonder if the perfect diet is a null set.

I would love to see someone put together a diet that meets all the rules that makes it so I have good workouts and a healthy body. Has anyone seen anything? I’ll eat almost anything, but want to focus on whole foods.


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There are definitely templates out there that try and put together a generalized program that allow the user to pick and choose which foods they would like to consume to meet the diet’s goals. One in particular i can think of off the top of my head is the Renaissance Periodization diet. I tried this when i was doing CrossFit but found it to be way to structured and difficult to maintain when traveling for work.

What I ended up doing was purchasing the Precision Nutrition course ( you get a certification from them if you complete it). Its a pretty lengthy course but it was the best decision for me as it allows me to have more control over my diet, and have a better understanding of how food interacts with my body.

If you looking for something though that’s turn key I would take a look at Renaissance Periodization and see if it potentially fits your needs and goals. They also have an iPhone app that makes it easy to track things.

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