Metatarsalgia in the Winter

This has plagued me for the past three winters. I have narrow heels, high arches and a wider forefoot. I am getting burning and tingling pain while riding on the trainer. Sensation is worst at the base of my toes. The better shoes have been sidi, Garneau and Vittoria. I have used custom arch supports and Specialized foot beds with some improvements. Right foot is worse than the left. At times I almost feel that my toes are gripping as they lift a little toward the top of the pedal stroke. I don’t think the burning is due to too tight shoes. Any ideas appreciated!



My right foot has real problems. To the point where I have bailed half way through long rides because my foot is in a lot of pain. I certainly can’t run on it.

I’ve shifted the position of my cleats to attach further back. My theory being to place the stress behind the pain spot. Not sure if it’s working, because it’s always been worse on real roads vs trainer. Maybe someone on the forum can warn me if this is a bad idea.

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Do you think you have Mortons Neuroma? Sounds similar to Metatarsalgia. I used these inserts in the link below and they really helped me keep training when I was running 70 miles a week. I always keep some on hand incase I need to throw some in my shoes. Mine comes and goes as some shoes are worse than others.

Pro-Tec Athletics Premium Metatarsal Pads (Pair), Large

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When I shift my cleats closer to my arches I feel like that irritates my collapsible high arches. I have always pushed my cleats as far forward as possible though ran into trouble with foot issues only in the past 3 years and only on the trainer.