Morton’s neuroma

Has anyone had any issues with Morton’s neuroma and had success treating it?

I gave up running because of it and switched to cycling and for a couple of years it’s been ok… but it’s flared up again recently and riding is VERY painful.

Any advice would be great,

Thanks all :grin:

I don’t know if this advice applies to an actual medical condition rather than just “the balls of my feet hurt a bit”, but… have you tried custom moulded insoles?

They provide better support and mean that the pressure of the pedal stroke is spread more evenly over the whole foot.

Been dealing with mine since 2004. I’m able to keep it at bay by 1) wearing wide shoes, and 2) wearing a metatarsal pad in ALL of my shoes, including my cycling shoes.

This works for me, but that damn neuroma is there waiting to remind me any time I don’t do both things listed above. On a bike ride last winter, I wore super-thick socks and replaced my normal insoles (with metatarsal pads) with other insoles. That neuroma starting hurting again almost instantly.

The doctor who originally diagnosed the neuroma in 2004 said it would probably get worse over time until I would have to do something more drastic, but thankfully I have avoided anything like surgery or that saline injection thing they can do to kill the nerve.

It quite often has a link to calf tightness as well. Dig in to the calves and find adhesions that many times accentuate the issue as the entire thing is a chain. As mentioned previously, shoes that are tight and compress the metatarsals are an issue as they cause the nerves to inflame and swell, and then the ugly cycle is started. I switched to a wider forefoot shoe, with a slight bit more ramp (running) and cycling shoes that allowed the metatarsals to spread a bit more when pressure is applied. That really has helped and I’m not slowed at all with it. It’s funny how many foot/lower leg issues are somehow often related to calf muscle issues. Good luck…

Surgery was the only thing that worked for me. I’m going to say that was about 8 years ago and haven’t had a problem since.

Surgery for me as well, no problems since. Before surgery, tried to manage it with wide shoes, inserts, tried cryo, injections, etc. All those things helped a little, but it still sucked pretty bad until the surgery. The surgery can actually make things worse for some, so it’s a bit of a gamble I believe.

I wear custom orthotics in my walking shoes. I walk between 15 and 29 km a day for work. Sometimes it heats up and I need to take the shoe off and let it cool down or rest.

For cycling Ive been lucky. I bought shimano shoes in road and mtb. Both level 3 shoes in a 45 wide. Ive been able to ride and almost never have issues. In my most recent bike fit the retul guy pushed some specialized insoles on me and they have actually made it so that I have not had an incident with the mountain shoes they are in. I’m very happy about it. I might get a another set for my road shoes but I almost never wear them. Actually thinking about it I have only had one issue since my most recent bike fit where he changed the location of the cleats on my shoes. He alos lowered my saddle by 3 centimeters on one bike and 1.5 on the other. This has changed the angle of my foot and made it much more level and not pointed down like it was before.

Good luck.

Thanks for all of the advice.

After the flare up I made some DIY cleat wedges ( albeit under my insole rather than amending the cleat itself. They worked an absolute charm so I’m going to look into some customer insoles and hopefully that keeps it at bay!

Thanks again :grin:

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Custom insoles with metatarsal pads are obviously best, but you can get insoles with metatarsal pads or even just add the pads. I have done that with some success.