MET Codatronca Helmet -- Worth the Price?

From the MET website:

The MET Codatronca is a short tail aero helmet, designed and engineered to let the head move freely in multiple positions while remaining aerodynamic from all angles.

The price is US$350.

Considering the helmet looks an awful lot like the Giro Aerohead Ultimate, which runs US$550 online (Competitive Cyclist; reg Aerohead US$250), would it be worth saving $200 to give it a try? I’m in Canada land so it’ll run me $450 plus maybe another $50 in duty/tax.

Although they don’t ship to the US (where most TR users reside), might be an interest to others…?



Mountain Equipment Coop sells MET helmets. Ask to see if they can order from a supplier and avoid your duty.

Same as with any aero helmet you’ll never know what works for you until you test it.

MET Trenta (their aero road helmet) tested as best in class by Cycling Weekly last year IIRC. Needs to be taken with a pinch of salt for lot of reasons but on the face of it MET seem legit.

Similar and and nearly identical still may be different. Sadly helmets are hard to figure out

Just a heads up on a price drop on the Giro: