Are there any active MET helmet dealers in the USA?

Hi all,

I’m in the market for an aero road helmet and am interested in the MET Manta, but can’t seem to find an active dealer in the USA (and certainly not here in TN). Can anyone point me in the right direction? Preferably someone that will ship to me if they are way out of my range…also, are they certified for races in the US? I’ve seen some sites that don’t list it as certified and others that do…why are they so hard to find here?

Be sure to double check that it’s safety approved in the US and US cycling events. I know their new aero helmet is not approved for triathlon events with the exception of Kona

Jenson USA has them.

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I find the same here in Canada. I think there’s one retailer in the West who carries them, but only M/L sizes and not the entire range.

I’d love to get their new aero helmet if it ever arrives in N.America.

I was looking for the Manta. Is this what you mean? On the MET and Jenson websites it has the US listed under the safety certifications…
Are you saying I won’t be able to race with it?

I think the reference is to MET’s new aero helmet, the Codatronca.

Not sure why it’s not race legal in the States, maybe just not tested yet?

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I see…thank you for clearing that up. I did notice on the MET site also that the weight of the helmet for the US is actually heavier than the same size for other countries. That could be because they had to modify it slightly to reach the US standards.

@Captain_Doughnutman has it right I was thinking the Codatronca (

Manta looks really nice

I think so too…I ordered one from Jenson USA. Thank you all for the help. Hopefully this will be the one. I tried the Catlike Cloud 352 but sent it back. I just didn’t care for the overall shape of it. Aside from that, I looked like a Spaceball with it on.

re: Codatronca – no CPSC certification as of yet, thus no availability.