Mentally drained from indoor riding + to race or not to race

Hi there,

3 questions that go through my mind for a while now and I am curious about the input from people on this forum.

  1. Whenever I start riding indoors (with plan or without) I feel mentally drained and lost all motivation after 2 weeks. I always had this since starting cycling. Does some of you experience this also and what is your remedies to ensure you are not coming out of the winter like a complete useless competitor?
  2. Based on my, now 4 years, of racing experience and training I have noticed that I am far better in 2 weeks on and 1 week off training schedule. Which is odd as I am not even 35 but still require the rest as a 50+ :slight_smile:. Anyone else experiencing this to confirm I am not the only one?
  3. My first child was born 3 months ago and all is going very well. As always the little guy is not the problem but mommy is :slight_smile:. Did you stopped racing / training for a year or did you decide to go and took the potentially bad results for granted?

When writing this I was thinking to split it out in 3 sections but I don’t want to overload the forums with my BS.


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I have my goals on the wall in front of me, both short term, process and long term. It’s gives purpose to why I’m doing this and reminds me there are rewards for my efforts in the future. Also, maybe you need a LV plan and find a way to get outdoors more. Ease yourself into indoor training and don’t do too much too soon (regarding your motivation levels).

If you’ve learned this works for you go with it. It also may be better to do a LV plan. You should want to get on the bike and start getting antsy when you miss scheduled training.

Again, you need goals. Short term, process and long term goals. What kind of rider/racer do you want to be 1 month, 6 months and 1 year from now? Also, be realistic this year and work towards an event/race that looks fun and motivates you. Realize training won’t be perfect and if you’re tired/fatigued/unmotivated go do something you enjoy. Missing a workout won’t affect you in the long term. But forcing yourself through multiple days you don’t want to be on the bike that leads to inconsistent training month after month will. Also be grateful instead of negative. Grateful that you have a healthy child, understanding wife and the time and ability to pursue a hobby you’re passionate about. Get your mind and philosophy in order and enjoy this year.

Motivation comes and goes, but if you are “dedicated” to and consistent regarding reaching your goal/s, you can find success through the ups and downs of motivation.


Thanks @MI-XC for your feedback. Short term goals might be the better solution in light of my 3rd question.

I am on LV already. Physically it is not hard and I agree I should in that case figure out a way in winter to do 50% inside/ outside.

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Just finished the book “Let Your Mind Run” so I added to my above comment.