Meaning of the absolute wattage when riding RPE based EZ recovery ride

I track my data in excel, and I isolate and log recovery rides separately. specifically what my power, duration, and HR are when riding at as easy as possible based only on RPE.

I just don’t know if there are any trends to be gleaned from this data?

is a professional’s EZ RPE recovery raw wattage going to be much higher than an amateur like me? If one season my recovery wattage is usually around 105 watts then some time later i do a recovery ride at 60 watts for similar durations… what ever could that mean?
Perhaps an indicator of me being more tired when i end up doing 60W rather than 100W?


Don’t overthink it. A real recovery ride should have essentially no training load, something like this:

Power should be well under 55%, and HR should be under 70% of threshold HR.

“Well under” means just that, on the recovery ride above I was doing 33% of FTP in order to see HR just slightly under 70% threshold HR (which is 113bpm for me).

Thanks for your comment.
What you are describing is basically what i do. In all the rides in that graph. only difference is I don’t watch my HR during the ride (RPE only). but only 2 rides were slightly above the 70% of FTHR so i suppose it’s all the same…

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I simply try and ride below 100W, usually in 80-90W range which is 30-40% FTP.
The point of a recovery ride is to simply get blood moving thru muscles that are recovering/regenerating. So I believe EZ means forcing yourself to go super easy, and NOT be concerned over RPE and 60/100W. Just spin the pedals and no real pushing, which for me is 80-90W or lower. The only trend I see in my data is HR vs temps because some of those rides are outside in the summer when temps are 100F / 38C.