Anyone else "overwatt"

So its probably not smart but when im feeling gd i add vo2 efforts into long boring recovery periods, do recoveries 30 to 50w above or add sprints to the start or end of efforts. Any thoughts

I have 10 workouts in the diary per week. Hence recovery sessions are exactly that regardless of how I feel that day. I wouldn’t want to jeopardise my quality session on the next day for a few sprints or whatever during a recovery ride.

Depends what mode I’m using, if I’m using ERG, I can’t really ‘over watt’ but if I’m in resistance mode during a recovery I will pedal away at what feels easy and it can be over.

Intensity discipline.

This is one of the core arguments put forward by Seiler all the time when talking about the value and challenges of the polarised approach - athletes tend to push their training on easy days into ‘too hard’ efforts and then aren’t recovered enough for the hard days to really go after those efforts, so they slide back into the ‘not quite hard enough’ zone.

I really don’t do this any more. Just get clear on what the objectove of the ride is, and WHY its important, and ride with discipline. Much better results when you can do that. Otherwise you just become Backwards Hat Dylan :wink:


I’ll often “overwatt” on recovery intervals….usually up into low Z2. However, I will NOT do that if I have a long workout or feel that I may not make the upcoming intervals.



Had a feeling id get these responses, but im doing MV and made sure it doesn’t stuff up following sessions, it sure takes away the boredom.

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Totally get that, and TBH I dont do TR style recovery rides anyway. I just cant be bothered to get kitted up for a few mins of that stuff… I take a full day off and just make sure my other planned z2 days stay steady. This time of year there’s usually something that tends to force a day off for recovery anyway - weather, commitments etc.

Do whatever fits for you :wink: