Max tire size on Kickr Snap

Trying to use a 29x2.35 Mezcal on a Kickr Snap and the tire hits the frame of the trainer. Anyone else encountered this? I’m hoping this is user error, but not sure what I can change. I can’t see anywhere Wahoo lists a max tire size, but 29" tires are referenced in some places.

I used the following when I had a Snap. You’ll get better consistency and it’ll be much quieter.

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Thanks. I have that tire on a road bike already. I am interested in using my mountain bike indoors from time to time. Not interested in swapping wheels/tires every time I want to use the trainer.

I did discover that once I add tension on the roller the tire clears the Snap’s frame (barely).

If you haven’t, make sure to watch that closely when you actually ride the bike. There can be enough flex in the system that the wheel & tire will “sway” a bit. Could lead to contact between the tire and frame.

Having a friend watch or setting a camera up close by while riding are worth a quick test under load to make sure you don’t smoke a tire in use.

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